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Tips to get article ideas for your blog

October 27th, 2007 Comments off

If you wish to start a blog or already have a blog and have this issue that you keep running out of ideas, I recommend that you consider the tips mentioned below to help you generate ideas for your blog posts.

1. Discuss issues with other people
When you discuss issues in your area of specialization, you get to know problems faced by other people. The moment a discussion starts; you should make mental notes. Once out of that discussion; jot the notes on text editor or a piece of paper. Using these notes you can create a new blog post based on the problems/issues discussed.

2. Research on a common pain point
Identify a pain point in your field of specialization. There could be many such pain points or problems for which people need help or solutions. To give you an example, I belong to the technical field and the pain points that I have identified are code optimization, query optimization, response times, server loads, etc.. So, identify such pain points in your field of specialization as well. Give it a thought or use Google to research. A good source is to visit forums where problems are discussed.

3. Publish solutions to problems that you faced
Build blog post ideas on the basis of the problems that you face in your day to day professional or personal life. I see no harm in publishing solutions to the problems that you dealt with. Creating a post on the basis of your solutions also serves as a repository that you could refer to later when faced with a similar problem. Beware, that you don’t expose information that is a trade secret of your company.

4. Publish analysis on news articles
Analyze news articles in general or in the area of your specialization. Don’t just copy paste articles on your site. This won’t do good to you. Analyze the article and post your understanding, concerns and reviews. A lot of blog authors publish blog articles based on their analysis of news article published on news site.

Please leave behind a comment below if you have more blog post ideas that you wish to share or disagree with some.

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